American Paintings (1866-1871) Civil War

Frank Buchser traveled to America in Spring 1866. He brought with a letter of recommendation by the Swiss Federal Councilor Jakob Dubs.

It was published in the „New York Times” :

Switzerland has attentively watched the mighty contest in the United States, and now greets with great joy the victories of the Union. The names of the great statesmen and warriors, to whom the triumph is due, are as well known and as much honored here as in the United States. These circumstances suggested the idea to one of our artists to collect these figures and scenes in one group, to form a large historical painting, to decorate our Hall of Representatives. The painter selected, Mr. Buchser of Solure, goes to America to compose this picture He is an artist of great celebrity, and I take the liberty of recommending him to your kind consideration. I hope he will be welcome and when his work is finished, we may truly say, that the Republics of the old and new World have a new bond of union.”

But this project failed due to the fact that the Swiss Government wasn’t able to support this project with the necessary financials. It might also have been political reasons.

In the following Buchser portrayed President Andrew Johnson, General William Tecumsen Sherman, General Nathaniel Prentiss Banks, General Robert Edward Lee and Major General Johann August Sutter, the Swiss who found gold in California.



General William Tecumseh Sherman,1869
Art Museum, Bern








General Robert Edward Lee, 1869
Art Museum, Bern



Major General Johann August Sutter of California, 1866
Art Museum, Solothurn