Beginner Tips for Baking

It is possible that the most rookies in the kitchen will find very simple recipe books, but in which concepts difficult to carry out without a previous explanation are taken for granted. First of all, we must distinguish between the three most basic types of cooking :

Boiling or cooking consists of introducing a food in abundant liquid, be it water, broth, wine … The cooking time must be counted since the water is boiling. Steam cooking can also be done in a container with holes.

For its part, frying is the method that cooks food in oil, taking into account that the most advisable point for frying is when the oil begins to smoke. If you don’t use a lot of fat, it is considered grilled .

Finally, roasting can be done in the oven or on hot coals, at high temperatures and with a slow cooking time.

Skip, poach, reduce, saute, cut in Juliana … All of them are basic concepts of cooking but that may sound like “Chinese” to anyone who goes into the kitchen for the first time. It is important to know that:

Sauteing or stir-frying consists of cooking with little oil and over medium high heat, stirring well. It is usually very common to make garlic, onion and carrot stir fry.

On the other hand, poaching or sautéing have a very similar meaning and consists of simmering, letting the food gradually take color. It is a widely used technique, for example, to make the onion soften its flavor.

As for the cut of the vegetables, it is necessary to take into account that the Juliana style is the one that cuts in the form of thin and long strips.

There are some recipes that imply prior elaboration, such as flouring a food, batter or breach it . In order for them to go well at first, some tricks have to be taken into account , as it is important not to let the food rest on the flour, since it could be impregnated more than twice as necessary. On the other hand, in the batter the food is passed, in addition to flour, by beaten egg, while in the empanada there is a third step that covers the food of breadcrumbs. To make this empanada more sophisticated, you can add fine herbs, garlic powder or even crushed nuts.