We know very well what the concept of fast food is, mainly it refers to restaurants or other establishments specialized in preparing and serving a meal quickly, being, in turn, a food that is consumed comfortably but without using cutlery. The so-called Fast Food exists in all cultures, but not always related to the known restoration chains and their nutritional deficiency.

Burgers, potatoes and other fried foods, pizzas … are included in fast food when in reality it is not if each component made are handmade, which is what we would like to promote, from pizza doughs to the bread of the hamburgers, going through the chicken meat of the nuggets. That is why we have gathered what could be defined as twelve homemade fast food recipes in the Sunday compilation.

If we make a homemade hamburger with natural ingredients, it does not have to be as harmful and be as loaded with fats as that of the specialized establishments, until the preparation of the tomato sauce, ketchup, or mustard can be in our hands. And if we talk about pizzas? What’s wrong with a dough-like bread, some slices of ham, some eggplant dice, and some cheese, for example?

Enjoying homemade fast food from time to time helps to completely forget fast food in restaurant chains, who likes it, or at least you learn to taste a hamburger, because, for many components you have, they are recognizable. And above it can be configured to taste, what is your favorite hamburger?

We leave you with some homemade recipes of what can be considered fast food, or perhaps better called informal food.

Chicken Nuggets: It is undeniable that chicken nuggets are delicious, the taste of this white meat everyone likes, and it improves with a crispy batter. The elaboration is easy, and the tasting unforgettable.

Potato bombs with fried egg sauce: This is a traditional cover in our culture, we give some personal touches that you will surely like.

Falafel: The fast-food of the Middle East, made with chickpeas and spices and accompanied by a refreshing yogurt sauce.

Pork secret sandwich in pita bread: A sandwich to suck your fingers, the secret of pork is a very juicy and tasty cut of meat that this time is served with a thin and crispy flatbread.

Grilled tenderloin sandwich with figs and cheddar: The sandwiches allow us to make multiple combinations, many of the recipes that are served on a plate can also be served between bread.

Piadina with ham and brie cheese: The piadina is also a flatbread, this is originally from the Italian region of Emilia Romagna, with this bread we can make all kinds of sandwiches. Bread is very easy to make, don’t stop trying it.

Hamburger with sweet chili sauce: If there are dishes that can be turned into a sandwich, obviously there are snacks that can be served on a plate, this hamburger is an example of this and how easy it is to make original and exquisite homemade hamburgers.

Mini chicken burger with bacon and onion: With chicken breast, chili, lime, ginger, coconut milk, you can make a hamburger that you will surely repeat.

Patatas bravas: The cover par excellence, who has not enjoyed some ‘bravas’ in the appetizer? Here you have the recipe of the brava sauce that affirms that it is the authentic one of the most emblematic places of Madrid.

Vegetable Pizza: One of the options to make a vegetable pizza, with green pepper, eggplant, onion, and tomato.

Pizza Funghi: Mushroom pizza is one of the favorites among the basic ones, next to the four kinds of cheese, the four seasons, the Bolognese, the truth is that there are more and more favorite pizzas.

Ham and eggplant pizza: The onion brings a special touch to the pizzas, in addition to flavor and sweetness, juiciness. It contrasts with the ham and is enriched with several kinds of cheese.

Happy week!!